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Wechat API

PMC's Wechat App design expertise creates a seamless interaction of your product or services with all leading POS systems, allowing you to scrutinize venue performance and customer spending activity (across a hotel or a region) in real-time. Payment can interlink to your desired account with a scan of QR code making transactions more efficient and cost effective.

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Sustainable Lead Generation

We also have a team of experienced Telemarketing experts to take on any lead generation projects. Gone are the days of cold calling that leave a bad taste and poor experience on the customers. Utilising our Social Media to Email to Telephone calls loop to follow up on every lead creation or any promotional marketing exercise, we create a sophisticated environment making sure customers privacy and data are not affected yet maintaining a high quality experience for all customers.

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Wechat Marketing

Wechat had already become a part of life in China, like Facebook is to the rest of the world. We can help you create and manage a group of high quality accounts with high volume readership and maintain engagement with them so we could convert them to spending customers in the future.

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Events and Showcases

Be it a product or services, we can help you promote them through events and exhibitions throughout China. We can create a promotion portfolio, design and provide a sales team in 5 days. Kindly contact us so you can understand more on how we can help you.

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Content Marketing

You should know that marketing works differently in China. It is important to grasp the critical timeline in a year to reap the benefits of China enormous market. Singles day or 11/11 as they call it is a major sales opportunity period (60 billion yuan in online  sales revenue in a single day) just to name a few.  Apart from timing, we also have a local team of content experts to tailor your products/services according to the relevant trending keywords or culture to alleviate your products so you can easily convert potential leads to real sales figures.

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Baidu and 360 SEO

Baidu handle 3.3 Billion active searches per day, for those willing to put in time and effort into launching a successful digital marketing campaign, the rewards can be plentiful and shouldn't be ignored. With our expertise in understanding Baidu SERP features, ratings algorithms and hostings requirements just to name a few. You can be sure you’re in safe hands.




We are not just a simple supplier of services or middle man. We want to be a long term, specialist partner for our customers to ensure your project is a success in China from start to finish.

Return on Investment Agency
It is only when our customers make money that we really start to make money. ROI is all about long term, sustainable strategy leading to ongoing profitability and development.



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